Open-Plan Living Design

Preparation is key. Or, as my brother, Simon, was quoted saying on The Block:

“Prior proper preparation prevents piss-poor performance.”

Not too subtle, but the truth shines through. Open- plan living is great in many ways, but can be tricky to get right.The most common mistake is a space that feels awkward, with no flow or focus – a dog’s breakfast. Proper planning where your furniture will go (from sofas to lamps) will make life so much easier, not only when you start to build or renovate a space, but when you’re making those big investment purchases and in turn, when you start to live in that area.You’ll be surprised how much better it will all come together if you keep in mind those seven Ps. Let’s take a look at three solid layouts for the most popular open-plan living shapes.

Download the 2 page feature (PDF)
originally printed in ‘Inside Out’ Magazine..

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