Our Finished Deck


We’ve finished the deck, the surrounds of the pool and the garden, and we’re finally ready to reveal all we have done on the exterior of our home. Everything outside focuses on the colour-filled pool and this is perfectly framed by the Trex Transcend Decking. This deck is surprisingly big, and at a whopping 120 square meters, we needed a product that boasted minimal maintenance and would last half a lifetime. With two young boys and knowing how much upkeep timber needs, I really didn’t want to spend a couple of weekends each and every year sanding and oiling the deck.

The material feels really solid and super-soft underfoot; it’s sort of strange walking on a timber-look deck without the fear of tiny timber spears being plunged into your bare feet. I’ve caught myself running and sliding (with socks on mind you) along the length of the deck, something that you could never do with a hardwood timber deck, imagine the pain!!!

The hidden fastening system really creates a minimalist aesthetic on the deck and the Trex Protect blacked out joists underneath add to that, you literally just see the decking boards. The Trex Protect joist tape protects the timber substructure from whatever the boys might spill on the deck, as well as any moisture that can lead to rot and the loosening of screws and fasteners. During the build, I wasn’t really sold on the whole breaker-board configuration, as it is something that just isn’t done with timber and something I’ve not seen too much of, but after living with it for a few months, I’m totally sold. It adds a level of intricacy and character to the deck that is lacking with the absence of timber.

The stairs are a great feature and, paired with the new screen fence, are a huge architectural element at the front of the home. The way we designed the stairs to extend past the fencing entices the eye up and into the center of the alfresco space. The intricate way the Trex Transcend Decking is laid in the stairs is testament to the workmanship of Kuwashi Built and testament to the versatility and compatibility of the decking material. The fact that the boards can be face-fixed, use hidden fixtures, exposed on the sides, cut to a mitre, and even routed to suit shows the flexibility and the utility of the board in just about every application. I love how the stairs are intricately put together and so uniform and correct, it’s the perfect antithesis to the craziness of life with two young boys!

Life with this Trex Deck has changed the way we now use our outdoor space. Gone were the days of avoiding the deck in the summer when bare bums and bare feet were exposed. And, we’re now appreciating the massive impact we have had in saving over  250,000 plastic bags from landfill, and that’s one of the biggest takeaways for us. An environmentally conscious product that was not only a dream to install, but takes such minimal upkeep, which saves me time for the things I love doing most.


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