I am a juggler, and our home is a circus. It’s entertaining, chaotic and so much fun. The perfect environment for two busy energetic boys, not the greatest to stage a year long renovation. But hey, who doesn’t like a challenge.

We’re nearing the end of this renovation now, the exterior of the home is all but done and we’ve broken the back of the inside. That’s not to say things are easy now. They’re harder than ever. There’s an expectation that life is back to full tilt, but no, I’m still juggling.

Renovating with kids is a balancing act and for us, its all been about priorities. Our boys are outdoor kids, forever exploring, swimming, fighting and loving outside, so for us, that was the priority. Get the exterior done so the boys can enjoy it in time for summer. The pool, the deck, the windows and doors, the roof and the backyard we’re all elements we wanted to tick off so the boys could burn some testosterone outside. But on top of that, we had to get their rooms to a point where they were not only looking great, but functioning as a dark, quiet space where they could go to AND STAY asleep for a good 11 hours a night ( I can dream right?)

The POOL AREA was something we wanted to be a bit different. A space seen from almost every room in the home, we wanted the pool to be a talking point, a focus and an artwork of sorts. I tackled this one myself and we now have a superstar of a pool, unlike anything Australia has seen before. The palette we used with Luxapool creates a an everchanging vista that we’re still pinching ourselves realising its ours. This truly is a remarkable pool and a testament to a. the weeks…nah, months it took to paint and b. the process Luxapool undertook to get these colours just right (here’s the kicker, colours look sooooo much different underwater).


The BACKYARD was a little easier. We removed the hills hoist from the middle of the yard (sacrilege I know) to make a bit more room for the boys and leveled the turf as well as rebuilt the retaining wall with something a little easier on the eyes. The Brickworks bricks are an organic take on the much loved ‘recycled look’. They are stunning at all times of the day with the light subtly changing the tones seen. The brickwork created more of a refined and softer look than the awkward blockwork used in the retaining wall.


The KIDS BEDROOMS were a straightforward process, with paint and blinds being the priority, then the carpets and lighting came toward the end. I cannot express how much a good quality blind contributes to a full night’s sleep for the kids, which in turn gives them the energy for the day with (dare I say it) minimal whingeing. The cellular block-out blind from Wynstan Blinds is lightyears ahead of the typical roller block out we all know so well. The cellular structure of the blind gives it great thermal and acoustic properties, and there is literally zero light coming through, even on bright summer mornings. Sleep is such an important factor for kids, and anything you can do to create healthy safe spaces for your children gets a big tick from me.


Kids are resilient and capable, but they also struggle with unpredictability and chaos. The more structured and focused you can be on your renovation will go a long way to creating not only an efficient build but also one you can enjoy with your family around you.


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