Our journey with HUME DOORS

We’ve finished the home now, and I suppose it’s time to reflect on one of the biggest wins within our home. The timber doors from HUME. Yep, doors. Often overlooked, doors are usually painted in with the walls, YAWN anyone??

Because we lacked visual warmth with our terrazzo tiled floors, and because it suited the period of the home to a tee, and yes, because I love that little bit extra, we chose timber veneer internal doors from HUME DOORS. Made in Australia from sustainably sourced plantations of Pacific Maple, the HLR250 doors look so perfect for our home. The character, scale, and warmth added to the space couldn’t have been achieved with any other element and the doors are a perfect accompaniment to our Palm Springs chalet.

HLR 250 in Pacific Maple from HUME DOORS

Vaulting the doorway between the kids and the grown-up living spaces was a genius move. Replacing a standard 2050 high door with one that almost reaches three meters creates not only a focal point in the living space, but exemplifies the divide between the ‘grown up’ and the kids spaces. Its such a used passageway, we’re so stoked to be able to create something dramatic and different.

Extending the height of the passage between the grown-up and the kid’s spaces

I love the warm tones in the timber and the horizontal lines in the veneer, it really adds to the Mid-Century, Palm Springs aesthetic. The horizontal lines in the doors, really widen the sense of the space in the room, and the honey tones from the Pacific Maple are teamed with matt-black door hardware, and although black hardware is hardly new now, it still looks great.

Teamed with the honey tones in the timber, the matt black hardware looks om point.

The installation was a piece of cake. Sure there were a few changes to hinge placement, but with a few coats of builders-bog and a decent paint job, the frames came up mint. The use of barn doors throughout the home, is a great way to add a feature to a wall, but also to save space, most notably in a bathroom. The doors are teamed with Frontier Barn Door Sliding System, which was super easy to install and teams great with the black windows and sliders through the home.

Being a stickler for the perfect job, I coated the doors in Osmo PolyX Oil. Osmo create natural oils and waxes specifically for timber use. Unlike a sealer or a clear paint (lacquers and varnishes) which sit on top of the sealer and create a hard surface, Osmo is more like a wax, this means the oils penetrate and become a part of the timber instead of sitting on top. The difference is HUGE!!! I’ve worked with and painted timbers my whole adult life, and this is hands down the best product I’ve ever used. The doors ‘feel’ so soft and smooth with the Osmo oil, as opposed to rough and hard with a traditional sealer or polyurethane.

Ordering was easy as, install a breeze and it’s the best and quickest paint job ive ever done. These doors are hands down one of the best decisions we’ve made for our home and will last the test of time (and whatever our two boys dish out)


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